Taking responsibility for ourselves begins with believing in our ability to do so. In the fact that human beings have great capacities.

Taking responsibility AndrewOur  are controlled by politicians, doctors, teachers and media. We have given away responsibility for what and how we should think. Health should not only depend on the medical profession. We need to aspire  to be healthy in a holistic sense. We should not neglect the fact that each of us have the ability to heal ourselves. Something which is an obvious extension of the ‘placebo effect’ but proven by countless peer led experiments.

The media today dictate what we should eat, how we should dress, and apply our lives. The influence of television and mass advertising is immeasurable.

Politicians manage us like digits on a computer screen. But our task is to remain conscious to continue to think for ourselves to not concede our inner power. Maybe at some point in human history it became easier to let others decide for us.

Now is the time for a new human awakening. Time to find a new collectivist spirit. Taking responsibility for ourselves individually will lead to taking responsibility for each other. Which is the true meaning of society. But the story starts with us.

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