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What if there is more to life than the physical? What if there is a soul and that soul is eternal? Then truly we are amassing physical wealth and experiences which are transitory and neglecting the real spiritual treasures. I once heard about a wealthy rabbi who despite his means lived in a single bare room with only a table, a chair and a bed. He kept only the most meagre of possessions. When he was asked why he lived so humbly, the rabbi replied “because I am only passing through”. On average you will spend about four thousand weeks on this planet. If you consider that our Earth has existed for millions of years, and the Umiverse for trillions of years or even infinity then your human experience is but a drop of water in the ocean of existence. Can it be that our human imagination which can ponder the omnipotence of God, and can project with sublime detail the grandest of visions is limited to this biological organism? Would nature have bestowed upon us the capacity to contemplate the eternal if our existence was limited only to the temporal?

why people are poor - Article by Andrew Charalambous

A number of factors point to the reality of a soul. Firstly, if we are just chunks of matter how is it that we can reference and relate to things in a non physical way? A brain in of itself can not be sad, or angry, or happy. A brain does not make choices or distinguish between right and wrong. Our inherent sense of morality comes from beyond the physical realm.

Secondly, there is overwhelming evidence for reincarnation. In fact, westerners forget that the majority of people in the world subscribe to a belief in it. There are countless real life accounts from people across all races, colours, creeds and social backgrounds about who they were in a past life. They manifest birthmarks where they endured traumatic injuries in their past lives. And they have talents and information which correlate with their past life experiences. Indeed many such claims have been verified by researchers through historical investigation.

Thirdly, through hypnotic regression scientists such as Dr Michael Newton have demonstrated that subjects can uncover unique capabilities such as the ability to speak now extinct languages gained in a previous life. Fourthly, there are cases of vivid near death experiences arising even when the neocortex of the brain is non functional. So that the imaginative faculty was allegedly incapacitated. Such one instance is that of Dr Alexander Eben who went into a coma as a result of bacterial meningitis. So astounded was Dr Raymond  Moody by the founding of his investigation that he declared Dr Eben to be ” living proof of an afterlife”.

Fifthly, there is the phenomena of out of body experiences, more esoterically known as astral projection. There are catalogues of research which evidence situations where individuals have consciously or unconsciously had an OBE in so doing identifying items purposely hidden in remote places or even distant countries. Furthermore, some scientific researches have conducted experiments whereby two unrelatednindividuals have agreed to meet in their dreams. The following morning they more or less described a similar astral meeting place and conversation.

However, perhaps the strongest argument for the existence of a soul is the fact that the concept itself has survived the greatest test of time. We know that empirically every human civilisation from the beginning of time has identified with the existence of a higher self our soul. Maybe it is because our conscience knows it to be intrinsically true that throughout all ages, including the present man continues to seek the spiritual.

We are more than flesh and blood. And those who do not recognise the fact that they have a spiritual content are living in a poverty beyond which they can not imagine. You are not a physical body having a spiritual experience, on the contrary you are a spiritual being experiencing the limitation of being in the physical. Even if you have every material pleasure at your fingertips, even if you are the President of the USA or a billionaire, if you are not open to the riches of the spiritual life you have nothing. The spiritual is not something self contained somewhere in the ether, It is actually that which pervades all things. The physical is caused by the spiritual. There is not a human being alive today who has not had a basic supernatural experience. Who suddenly met somebody they were thinking of, or dreamed something that later happened. Life itself is the greatest miracle never doubt just how awe inspiring a miracle it is. You are that miracle.

By: Andrew Charalambous 

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