Being Vegan Is Not A Diet But A Lifestyle

There is an old adage, You are what you eat. Doctors have gone ahead to add that you are what you digest. When it comes to the foods that people eat, it is often determined by culture, personal preferences, and the availability of the food. If you love fish, chicken, beef, pork, or whatever animal that’s your favorite, have you ever taken a minute to think of the meat that you’re consuming? That the sumptuous grilled pork you’re enjoying is from an animal that could have been purposely bred, raised, purely for your consumption? Or that perhaps it was slaughtered in a not so human way? Well, being a Vegan is more than being compelled by the above reasons; it’s also about your outlook of life, it’s about making a choice on whether meat and meat products are a necessity or a want. It’s a lifestyle that one adopts.

  • More often than not, the main reason why most people love meat and are not vegans is because they are ignorant. Most have been taking meat since they were small, and have carried on this trend into adulthood. But like aforementioned, being a vegan is one way of showing that you’re against animal exploitation and cruelty. All animals have the right to life, and to breed any species in bulk, sometimes in congested environments just for the sake of human consumption; that’s morally wrong. Man can find all the proteins and minerals they get from animals by eating alternative foods like nuts, cereals, and so on so forth.
  • Again, so many people are spending hours at the gym working out, trying to keep fit, but once done, they go home to enjoy a good fill of beef or pork, well, the problem is meat, and especially red meat isn’t so healthy. Red meat has been found to cause cancer when consumed in huge quantities; besides, the fats found in meat and other animal products are heavy and saturated the kind that blocks your heart’s arteries. Thus, if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, being a vegan should be something you should seriously consider.
  • We are all living at a time when the consequences of global warming are more evident than ever. From rising sea levels, to unprecedented flooding in major cities, London included, to the melting of ice in the Arctic; we have no option but to embrace eco friendly lifestyles. Being a vegan is a good way of helping conserve the environment. The planet suffers a lot when it comes to what’s known as Farm to Fork. From the food, water and other requirements that animals require when being bred, the forests cleared, grains and plant cover consumed by animals, energy used in cooking them; all these can be avoided if all of us embraced Vegan lifestyles.
  • The good thing is that we can get all our food needs from plants. Actually, not just that; vegans live longer, healthier lives in general, when compared to non vegans. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, cereals, tubers, minerals; all these provide us with all the nutritional requirements that we need. As such, one can embrace healthy lifestyle by being a vegan. Being a vegan means looking at things long term, and deciding that it’s better to be disciplined on what you put to your mouth. You see, most people who are obese and addicted to meat and dairy products confess that they’d badly wish to drop such foods from their diets. Don’t wait till that time comes; start being a vegan today, and enjoy longevity and great health.
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