Andrew Charalambous is a prominent British businessman and political figure. Currently, Charalambous holds the position of national housing spokesman for the Independence Party of United Kingdom. His Father was a soldier in the British army and they later relocated to United Kingdom. His father’s involvement in national matters is seen as the reason for his success as an entrepreneur and politician.

Andrew Charalambous
Andrew Charalambous

Political life

Charalambous political life started in 1992 when he was chosen to represent the conservatives in the election. By then, he was the youngest candidate and member of any of the main parties to participate in General elections. He has for long been a member and financier of the Conservative party. He was the founder of the Conservative Climate Campaign, as well as, the Friends of Cyprus campaign. He was a candidate twice during the Conservative Party’s local elections as a parliamentary candidate. He also stood twice in the general elections. In 2010, he was at it again for the parliamentary position, but he emerged second. In early 2011, he abandoned the party and joined UKIP and alleged that the coalition government failed to honor the UK-EU referendum. He further alleged of not having enhanced regulations on immigration and reducing healthcare expenses. In the same year, Charalambous he was UKIP’s candidate in a by-election in Feltham and Hestton, but emerged fourth. Currently, he is the housing spokesperson for UKIP.

Other Activities

Charalambous is the proud owner Surya nightclub. He opened it in 2008 and has since then been regarded as the first ecological club ever in the world. The club once tried to produce energy from people’s movements. He is also one of the founders of the Club4Climate. It is an eco-night initiative aimed at getting young people’s involvement in handling environmental issues.